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Since opening its doors in 2014, TruAbutment Inc. has been dedicated to providing the highest quality CAD/CAM custom abutments at the most competitive prices in the market.  Compared to majority of other milling centers that are using pre-milled blanks to process their abutments, we employ the latest milling techniques and manufacture the entire abutments “head-to-toe” from titanium rods.

Utilizing this method, we are able to drastically improve our efficiency and lower cost, thus able to pass the savings along to our customers. It makes both financial and logical sense to deal directly with the manufacturer rather than working with wholesalers who are charging you a premium for their custom abutment services.


If you’re thinking about purchasing milling equipment, keep in mind that there are a lot of hidden costs associated with running a manufacturing operation that’s both time consuming and costly. That’s not even counting the regulatory standards that need to be met as a manufacturer of class II medical device.

The CAD/CAM industry is in the midst of going through tremendous changes so it would be wise to hold off on making capital investments on expensive milling equipment. Instead, the safest investment would be to purchase a scanner. This minimalist approach will allow you to access many great digital solutions that is offered by various dental services. It would be wise to leave the manufacturing to industry professionals so you can focus on the more important aspects of running your dental laboratory.


All our abutments come with lifetime warranty with even a 5-year extended coverage on the implant system itself. This is possible because we are confident in our manufacturing process that follows strict manufacturing standards. We currently provide free samples to new customers so you can verify the quality of our abutments yourself. Contact us today for a consultation.

Swiss-type CNC Milling Machine

A Swiss-type CNC machine is a type of turning center that was developed for the Swiss watch industry. 

These machines are designed to turn small, complex, precision parts and mill them with accuracy and consistency. Due to this capability, this type of milling machine is used to achieve the strict dimension and tolerance requirements necessary for application in the aerospace, military and medical industries.


What distinguishes a Swiss machine from other types is that its headstock moves. Unlike conventional machines where the part is stationary and the tool moves, a Swiss-type turning center allows the part to move in the Z axis and the tool is stationary. It allows the bar to emerge into the tooling area through a guide bushing, which locates the bar radially during machining. The headstock moves precisely back and forth in the z-direction, taking the bar with it.


The guide bushing is the “heart” of Swiss machining. A physical object subjected to a force will deflect. But with a Swiss machine, the guide bushing supports the workpiece so close to the tools that the deflection due to the cutting forces is essentially zero thus increasing accuracy and consistency.

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