Tru CEREC® Guide 2 Kit v2








Used to create an exact drill diameter size for (S) 4.5 and (M) 5.3 guide hole

after the guide is milled out.

*Recommended drilling speed when using the reamer is 600~800 rpm.

Tissue Punch

Used to remove tissue on a flapless surgery.

*Recommended drilling speed when using the tissue punch is 1000 rpm.

Drill Extension

Used to increase the length of drill shafts to access areas

with limited interdental space.

Point Drill

Used to initially drill a hole and optimize stability and path for the next set of drills.

7mm Drilling path:

recommended drilling speed when using point drill is 1200 rpm.

Taper Drill

Used on extraction sockets. Makes it easy to correct the path on immediate placement sites with side cutting tapered drill.

7mm Drilling path:

recommended drilling speed when using taper drill is 1200 rpm.

Twist Drill

The drills are used in sequence to the proper size and length of the path needed.
There are 4 different lengths:

Short(18mm), Medium(20mm), Long(22mm), Extra Long(25mm)

*Recommended drilling speed when using twist drill is 1200 rpm.


TruAbutment metal sleeves will fit the 5.3(M) size hole on the CG2 Guide making the internal diameter 4.5 (S) size.

*Reuse of the metal sleeves is not recommended.

Sleeve Fitting Jig

Used to fit the metal sleeves onto the CG2 guide.


Twist Drill Specifications

*Click on the image to see it enlarged.




Twist Drill Selection

*Click on the image to see it enlarged.

Enter D2 Value (18, 20, 22 or 25) as needed for your final drill from CG2 kit.

(D2 = Drill length)

Your D1 value will always be your D2 minus implant length (F),

minus sleeve height (E).


D2 = F + D1 + E

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